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Interim Executive Board

IEB members:


Judith Puddick (Chair)

Paul Taylor

Jill Thomas

Judith Puddick

Judith is an experienced chair of governors who has completed the National College Chairs Development Programme and is an accredited National Leader of Governance (NLG). She is an MA Ed qualified teacher with 20 years teaching experience followed by 20 years as a Schools Adviser across Essex and Southend Authorities. During that time she has been an accredited School Improvement Partner, Early Years Foundation Stage Moderator and Ofsted Inspector with extensive experience in data analysis and her roles have included Local Authority Assessment Lead, National Association for Able Children in Education (NACE) and Basic Skills Assessor, Literacy Strategy Consultant and National Strategies Lead Officer


Paul Taylor

Paul is a retired building contractor. He has been a school governor for 35 years, and a Chair of governors for 28 years. The school where he is currently Chair was graded Outstanding by Ofsted in every area in January 2016. Paul has experience as a member of an Interim Executive Board which agreed academisation and is now Chair of the Local Governing Body of that school. His is currently advisor and mentor to the governing body and new Chair of Governors at a Primary Academy.


Jill Thomas

Jill Thomas is an Ofsted inspector. She is a qualified teacher and has gained the National Professional Qualification for Headship. She has extensive senior leadership experience in London secondary schools. As a local authority school improvement adviser Jill supports schools causing concern. She currently advises in special educational needs and disabilities, working in primary schools, secondary schools, special schools, schools with enhanced provisions, pupil referral units and hospitals. Jill’s particular areas of expertise are in special educational needs and disabilities, school leadership and science.

What is an Interim Executive Board?

An Interim Executive Board (IEB) is a small body appointed on a short-term basis to turn around a school that is judged to be in urgent need of improvement. An IEB replaces the governing body of a school that has either been placed in special measures or given notice to improve by Ofsted. The IEB's main functions are to secure a sound basis for future improvement in the school and promote high standards of educational achievement.


The IEB takes on all the responsibilities of a governing body including the managment of the budget, the curriculum, staffing, pay and performance managment and if appropriate the appointment of senior leaders if vacancies occur during the time the IEB is in operation. It is expected that progress will be rapid at Barling Magna and that the position of the IEB will be reviewed after six months.